Day # 12 NASA All Stars 30 July 2013

Teacher  Lesson Plan presentation

Mercy Optical tools -The Herschels of Hanover.

Lesson plan on Optical Tools, followed by Power point presentation.

Astronomers: Caroline Herschel,  Sir Wiliam Herschel,  Lyman Spitzer. Contributions to Astronomy.

Types of Telescopes: Refractive telescopes (Lenses) Reflective telescopes (Mirrors)

Hubble telescope

SDSS Data, Spectrograph, Analysis.

Student presentation : Participating schools

1. Walter Payton 2 presentations :  Antwan :Apparent Magnitude Vs. Velocity

2. Roosevelt High School: Alexander Paz & Daniela Paz :

Are all galaxies the same size?

3. Amundsen High School: 2 presentations. 1) Are Galaxies the same size?

2)does the radius of the galaxy affect the galaxy?

4. Malek Sarhan:  Is the universe Homogenous?5.