July 30, 2013. Final Day

The final day was for teacher and student presentations. These presentations were great. The teachers’ lesson were very informative with many extension activities, videos, and worksheets to carry out the NGSS and Common Core standards. The students had much more fun with their presentations with Dr. Who and Star War references. All of the students were a pleasure to meet and learn along with them. This was an enjoyable experience. Thanks!

SDSS-July 22,2013

It was good working with SDSS and Prof. York’s explanation was informative. The classification on Famous places with great pictures was interesting. The mentors put the data on a spread sheet which was helpful and interesting. The classification was done by looking at ra, dec, type, z, Model/Mag-r, petroRad -r, and err-z.

July 19, 2013 – Day 5

Today we made spectroscopes with the help of Jackie, from Walton Payton HS. The kits came from Solar center, Stanford.edu. We could see the spectrum as continuous and emission depending on the type of light source. This activity will be presented to the students, in the afternoon. Great animations, on Jackie’s blog.


Gamma Ray July 18, 2013

Great teacher notes from Jackie and Eman. Jackie provided a sample of her class spectrometers and Eman provided the site fir Toys from trash and diffraction from CD. I think the students wil enjoy making spectrometers tomorrow. I like galaxy zoo.

July 16, 2013

Great presentation by Don York. The progression of the development of the telescope was great. The question and answers session with the students was informative. I feel this can be useful in developing curriculum for the core classes next year.