Nick Woolf

Where does he get these ideas?   Do we really knows?   Life is the organizer.  What is the energy source for life?  Where is chemistry in all this?  Each day more and more question arise.  The old saying the more you know the more you don’t know seems to be true today!

How I came upon Science

I met Nan when I was assigned to co-teach with her. When I walked into the classroom I couldn’t
Believe my ears. Yes, my ears! For you see , Ms. Chowdruy was from India and although she was speaking English it did not seem she was. I’m thinking, how will we communicate; it felt like i was learning a new language. But there was one thing about Nandita, her given name which my tongue could not wrap around and I could not emit until I had to because I wanted to honor her. She had become so dear, so special to me. Why? Well as I started to say before the one compelling aspect of Nandita was her love for science and enthusiasm in sharing hew knowledge. So it was this enthusiastic love of Science she emitted that made me thirst to know more. Nan and I enjoyed team teaching classes and searching out ways of making science an everyday part of our students lives. We spent many PD hours and discussing learning. I taught with Nandita till she died a few years ago

Expanding and accelerating but wait! What about gravity

Think and try to picture massive black hole in center of universe sucking in matter in Essence collapsing the galaxy. Gravity in motion. At the same time galaxy expanding and accelerating out. What force is acting on the galaxy to push it out and what is the accelerating force? Gravity is a weak force

Do atoms hold a clue or insight?
Or is it the dark matter?

Making the unseen seen

.Took me awhile but it finally dawned: the electromagnetic spectrum is another way of seeing. Not a picture image but in bands and colors and graph lines that allow me to see the unseen like HDTV . Thought I saw everything but then you realize there is more