2013 Student All-Stars Two

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Written By: Jonathan Flores - Jul• 23•13

Just a thought, is it possible to change iPad color from black to white?


Written By: Jonathan Flores - Jul• 22•13

Amazing work day! I learned how to gather data from famous places. I had professor York’s favorite galaxy! I really can’t wait for tomorrow!

Day Six

Written By: Sydney Ford - Jul• 22•13

Today we have started to gather data for our projects. We will be bringing our findings together to see what we have found, as a group.



Collecting Data

Written By: Lena Sarhan - Jul• 22•13

Today Professor York spoke with us about galaxies. He explained how we can use the SDSS data. I collected data from some galaxies, such as the type, the coordinates, and red shift.



Cluster Image#24

Written By: Jessica Mendoza - Jul• 22•13

Today Professor York introduced us to galaxies. We now have to look at some galaxies and find their characteristics like their Coordinate, petroRad_r, ModelMag_r, Z(redshift), zErr.



The second week

Written By: Tho Nguyen - Jul• 22•13

After listening professor York’s lecture at the beginning of the course, we collect astronomical info with very complicated number and measurement, which is interesting.



SDSS Galaxy Data Entry FORM

Written By: Mitch Marks - Jul• 22•13

Here is the link for the Famous Places-based survey:

Click here for entry form


Our Spectroscope

Written By: Jessica Mendoza - Jul• 19•13

I have no words to explain what I learn today! Thanks to Harvey Moseley for talking to us today about X-ray Tools!
Have a great weekend everybody and I’ll see you guys Monday






Written By: Jonathan Flores - Jul• 19•13

Another amazing day! Great presentation through Skype. We built our own Spectroscopes and I was able to capture an image of what it does.



Day Five

Written By: Sydney Ford - Jul• 19•13

We had a conversation on X-rays with Harvey Moseley.
We also made spectroscopes!



Wave to Saturn

Written By: Christie Thomas - Jul• 19•13

The Cassini spacecraft will be taking a picture of Earth through the rings of Saturn at 4:27 PM today.  Say cheese and smile between 4:27 and 4:42.

More information about this event is available on the NASA website:

The First Interplanetary Photobomb

Following up on Dieter’s Talk

Written By: Julia Brazas - Jul• 18•13

You may find these enlightening, given Dieter’s talk today:

Gamma-Ray History

Stirling Colgate tells the story of how his hunch about supernovas shaped both the future of gamma ray astronomy — and world peace.

Gamma-Ray Tools

Neil Gehrels explains how he went from making music to building the detectors that give us our first alert to the most explosive events in the universe.