2013 Student All-Stars Two

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Working day

Written By: Tho Nguyen - Jul• 26•13

Today is the day I actually work

How I got interested in the Sciences

Written By: Vicky Cao - Jul• 26•13

I really got interested in science this year. Though it has always amazed me through the years. During my junior in high school, I was given several opportunities to see a different side of the science community that I have never seen before. On my college trips, my astronomy class as well as my biology class I got exposed to all kinds of science. While on a trip to see colleges and universities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was inspired to really get into science. One of the colleges we got to take a tour of was MSOE, Milwaukee School of Engineering. I was so impressed by what they had to offer, I wanted to look into major in a field in science. Then for biology, we were able to have a field trip to the University of Wisconsin at Madison and do some experiments in their labs which was an amazing experience. We got to do several hands on stuff and evaluate on the things we saw as well as did. And then during my astronomy class I was enlightened by Ms. Sarhan to want to explore more in the sciences. She always made me want to do more involving science.


Written By: Jonathan Flores - Jul• 26•13

Amazing presentation at the end. Been working hard on my project. Still needs more work but I believe I can finish it by Monday!

Blast! Movie Trailer

Written By: Julia Brazas - Jul• 26•13

I love this documentary on building and launching a balloon-based instrument.  Caution: the movie contains a few bad words, but I believe these are removed from the trailer.

Day Nine brings opportunities

Written By: Sydney Ford - Jul• 25•13

Today we started to begin on our projects for our presentations. I came up with a few questions, but I decided to work in a group with some friends. That way we can use each others’ data and come up with more questions for the project.
We also had two speakers come in today to talk about opportunities that are given here at the University of Chicago, for High Schoolers interested in having a college experience. We were given information on how to go about applying for these programs.


New room

Written By: Jonathan Flores - Jul• 25•13

I love being in the computer room. What a great day working with Microsoft excel and graphing points. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Cheers!


Written By: Sariaya Phillips - Jul• 25•13

Today was a very useful day for me, I found out my data needed some corrections and I had to make a HUGE adjustment. We were stationed in the University Of Chicago Med school building ( I felt at home ). Sitting in the lab made me realize that in the next months I will be a senior in high school and off to college after that, pursuing my medical dreams! 🙂


How I Became Interested in Science

Written By: Lena Sarhan - Jul• 25•13

I’ve been interested in science for a very long time. When I was young I never thought of science as a subject, it was more like an adventure. In kindergarten through second grade I was taught science was discovering new things, and learning about the world. I like challenges, and adventures, and I think that’s why I really like science. Science is everything. It’s learning new things and making mistakes. It is how our world and the galaxies beyond harmonize.


Written By: Tho Nguyen - Jul• 25•13

What a productive day! I gain more information about the school admission. Uchicago is my dream college I want to get in. So these information is very important to me. Furthermore, we are introduced to the college bridge program. I can get a free college credit here. I will consider about applying for that. I feel thankful for mrs Sarhan to let me in this program. Beside learning more about astronomy, I can get useful information for my college application.


Student Presentations – Here’s the Plan

Written By: Julia Brazas - Jul• 25•13

On Tuesday, July 30, we will all meet together for final presentations.  The morning session will be held in Kersten room 206.  After a catered lunch, we will relocate to Kersten room 105.

Students will make 10-minute presentations about their research. Presentations can be created using Prezi app or other format and should include the following:

  • Research Question
  • Vocabulary
  • Methodology
  • Data
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Further Research Questions
  • Resources (e.g., bibliography/webliography)

Please use “comments” if you have questions so that everyone can share in the information.

More and more data!

Written By: Jessica Mendoza - Jul• 24•13

Today we collect data from each of our galaxies i have about 25 data and I’m looking forward to look at all the data together.


Data and data

Written By: Tho Nguyen - Jul• 24•13

We don’t have any astronomical lessons today. All we do is continue collecting data, add more info, and take a closer look at the galaxy we pick. I’m excited for tomorrow because I heard that a personnel in admission office of this university will have a talk with us in the afternoon. I want to know more about the requirements of this college and some tips to get admitted to.