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Student Presentations – Here’s the Plan

On Tuesday, July 30, we will all meet together for final presentations.  The morning session will be held in Kersten room 206.  After a catered lunch, we will relocate to Kersten room 105. Students will make 10-minute presentations about their research. Presentations can be created using Prezi app or other format and should include the following: […]

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Data and data

We don’t have any astronomical lessons today. All we do is continue collecting data, add more info, and take a closer look at the galaxy we pick. I’m excited for tomorrow because I heard that a personnel in admission office of this university will have a talk with us in the afternoon. I want to […]

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THURSDAY new location

For the 12:30 session tomorrow (Thursday, July 25) we will be meeting not in the usual building KPTC, but instead in a computer lab in   Room 018 of BSLC (Biological Sciences Learning Center)   We will tell you more about the location and make this announcement, at today’s session (Wednesday).   Update!  The 12:30 […]

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