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How I got interested in the Sciences

Written By: Vicky Cao - Jul• 26•13

I really got interested in science this year. Though it has always amazed me through the years. During my junior in high school, I was given several opportunities to see a different side of the science community that I have never seen before. On my college trips, my astronomy class as well as my biology class I got exposed to all kinds of science. While on a trip to see colleges and universities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was inspired to really get into science. One of the colleges we got to take a tour of was MSOE, Milwaukee School of Engineering. I was so impressed by what they had to offer, I wanted to look into major in a field in science. Then for biology, we were able to have a field trip to the University of Wisconsin at Madison and do some experiments in their labs which was an amazing experience. We got to do several hands on stuff and evaluate on the things we saw as well as did. And then during my astronomy class I was enlightened by Ms. Sarhan to want to explore more in the sciences. She always made me want to do more involving science.

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  1. Ms. Barge says:

    Wow, you have had some great teachers, who really gave you a lot of experiences to see science in action.

  2. Vicky Cao says:

    I have and its such a blessing to be able to explore so much and experience all these things. I was truly able to open my eyes to a whole new world and get so much out of it.

  3. ms Sarhan says:

    I am glad to be part of your learning journey !! Keep exploring

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