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Day Seven

Written By: Sydney Ford - Jul• 23•13

Today we discussed X-rays in more detail. Here are the notes that I took.
Vikram Dwarkadas
What are X-rays
-Highly energetic form of light, not visible to human eyes
-Emitted by objects at temperatures>1 million degrees
Energetic phenomena temperatures of million degrees(very large gravitational potentials:BH, clusters of galaxies)
Wein’s law
Looking for the source of X-rays
X-rays are absorbed more by bone than skin, so the bone seems lighter
Intervening objects (like gas, interstellar medium, etc.) may absorb some of the X-rays
Low energy photons combined with high energy electrons can make X-rays
(Charge exchange)
Gas origin:
-Mass ejected by old stars
-Gas falling back on the galaxy
Gas heating mechanism:
-Shock heating
-AGN feedback?
Bremsstrahlung (braking radiation)
X-rays do not reflect off mirrors like optical light
X-rays absorbed by the atmosphere:
-X-ray astronomy only began in 1960s
-Can only observe using balloons, satellites



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  1. Anton Ulyanov says:

    Sydney, just seeing your notes on here is truly disappointing. I was expecting much more from you considering your active participation in class recently. You’ve let yourself, and this group, down.

    • Sydney Ford says:

      Well, Anton considering how I have been contributing the most, I believe I deserve some slack. But thanks for your constructive criticism.

      • Anton Ulyanov says:

        Sydney, seeing as you asked almost no questions today, and did no real blogging, you are not being given any slack. The group sincerely hopes that you will reconsider your attitudes towards the program, and return to being an active participant.

        • Sydney Ford says:

          Well, I’m sorry to say Anton, but seeing as you also lacked in the question area I would say that we’re about equal in that field… Let’s just say we had an off day yeah?

  2. Ms Barge says:

    I’d say there are high expectations for you both tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what your brains question about the universe tomorrow.

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