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Written By: Julia Brazas - Jul• 23•13

In many of the interviews we’ve conducted for the lessons, scientists we spoke with invoked Sputnik or the Apollo Program as watershed moments in their lives when they got turned on to science.  In recent years a few researchers have tried to determine whether this is also true for the Hubble Space Telescope, to no avail.  I have come to believe that the success of space science outreach over the last 20 years has actually rendered these “national moments” to be invisible to us, so we can not pinpoint the impact as precisely.

In terms of technology use we speak of millennials, or digital natives.  Is the same true for space science?  Perhaps pretty pictures from space have become so common in the visual culture that their connection to scientific research is now taken for granted, and the watershed moment no longer exists.  Or does it?

How did you get interested in science?


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  1. Sydney Ford says:

    To answer your question, I got into science at an early age. It started in fourth grade, I had an elderly neighbor that I visited often and she use to have piles of science books (a lot being on astronomy) We would read them all the time and I enjoyed the ones on space the most. Sadly my neighbor passed away, but before she died, she asked what I was interested in the most and I said that my favorite thing to do was learn about space. So she gave me all of her books as a present. The more I read them the more interest I had in astronomy. So I’d say it’s because of my neighbor that I’m interested in science.

  2. Julia Brazas says:

    That’s a wonderful story! You never know who will plant the seeds of learning in your life. Nice that you have the treasure of her books as a reminder of her inspiration to you.

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