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Back at it again!

Written By: Sariaya Phillips - Jul• 23•13

Hello Astros, today was also a very productive day as we listened to the X-ray specialists Vickram. He enlightened us on xRays and specifically the long formulas and many projects built in xRays to discover more. Overall it was very useful.


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  1. Ms Barge says:

    I liked learning about the history of the development of X-ray telescopes. It has taken time to get where we are today. We could see that in the pictures Vikram showed us. The first one of Cassiopeia A was not that great but the Chandra telescope’s image that was taken for one million seconds showed a lot of detail. Thinking about these changes helps me remember that it takes time to learn things and understand the universe. Our country has to be willing to be patient and keep funding science even when it takes years to get answers

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