2013 Student All-Stars Two

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Good bye

Written By: Tho Nguyen - Jul• 30•13

Well, it is. The last day of NASA Allstar program. I have different feelings inside my mind. I’m glad because I don’t have to take an hour-and-a-half train to here every day, hear about complicated astronomical stuff, blog everyday ; I can get my iPad. However, it is a pity when this program finishes. I did a a lot of fun working with teachers, mentors, and students from many schools and make an effort for the final project. I get to know many people. Everybody is outgoing, friendly, and helpful. I kinda don’t want this program to end. I really want to get involved in some similar program if I can. I think I’ll miss these moments a lot.


Last Day!!! ERMAHGERD!!!

Written By: Sydney Ford - Jul• 30•13

Today is our last day!!! I’m going to miss coming here. I enjoyed it a lot and I’ve learned so much and have met a lot of people. I definitely want to continue working with astronomy, astrobiology, astrophysics and all the other fields in science. I’ll miss everyone, well ill see some of you during the school year…. But yeah had a lot of fun!


NASA All Stars summer 2013

Written By: Jessica Mendoza - Jul• 30•13

I got to say this was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. Meeting scientist that contribute with the making of telescopes, getting to know people from other school, and getting an iPad mini as a reward. This final day was great because we heard from teachers and students about what they learn and what they would do with this knowledge later on, and also the amazing food :D. Thanks to NASA All Stars program and The University of Chicago for giving me the opportunity to be in this program. I’m so grateful I got to meet Professor Don York. Thanks and I hope everybody have fun the rest of the summer 🙂 well with Chicago being so bipolar have fun with this weird weather. Also have a great school year 2013-2014 Go Vikings!! Class of 2014





Final thoughts

Written By: Lena Sarhan - Jul• 30•13

Today is the last day of the NASA All-Stars program. I had such a great experience, and I learned a lot. I met a lot of new people who have the same interests as me. This was such a wonderful program, and it helped me understand more about multi wavelength astronomy. One thing I really enjoyed was that the findings and images from the SDSS telescope are online. It was so awesome to see that the public can access all of this wonderful information. Many of the astronomers that I learned about all began with an interest in the universe during the Sputnik era. Maybe this generation will be inspired from the SDSS database, or zooniverse. I know I have been inspired. Who knows, maybe the next Don York will have been a member of the NASA All-Stars program.
I hope to see all of you in the future.

Last day

Written By: Jonathan Flores - Jul• 30•13

Yay iPads! What a great experience working with teachers and students. Made new friends and increased skills in Microsoft excel. I’m going to miss coming here and most importantly, I’m going to miss the new friends I made. If I could, I would do this all over again.

Well, have a great day and enjoy your iPads C:

-Jonathan Flores

One more day

Written By: Tho Nguyen - Jul• 29•13

It is the last day to prepare our presentation. Our group have finished the project last week so we just goof off today. Jess, Lena, and I go to get Starbucks coffee during the break. It is very beautiful outside today.


Day Eleven because I missed Day Ten…

Written By: Sydney Ford - Jul• 29•13

Today our group worked on our project. We pretty much finished the whole PowerPoint but we just have to adjust a few things and maybe have some more teachers take a look at it. We used a small amount of data for the project, but we may change it so that we can get a larger sample for it.

Having Fun!

Written By: Jessica Mendoza - Jul• 29•13

So today we were just wrapping up in our presentations slides, I hope everything goes as plan tomorrow.






My Presentation

Written By: Sariaya Phillips - Jul• 28•13

To download presentation as “traditional PowerPoint”, click here:  Are 2all galaxies alike .  (Note: to view this on your computer you need to have the PowerPoint program or viewer installed.)


Written By: Tho Nguyen - Jul• 26•13

Today I work in group with Lena and Jess. They are cute friends. We get along with each other very well. We work hard and hope to make a qualified presentation on Tuesday




I don’t want this to end!

Written By: Jessica Mendoza - Jul• 26•13

So today we were finishing our presentations. I am so excited to start presenting but at the same time no because that means we would only have 3 days left of this program. Sariaya did a great job talking about the different colors of stars(:

20130726-154629.jpg My teammates did a great job today we will be fine guys 🙂



Written By: Lena Sarhan - Jul• 26•13

Today I worked with Tho and Jessica, and together we learned a lot more about galaxies. Three heads were definitely better than one. We basically finished all we needed to do. It took some time to figure out how to answer our question, but thanks to Anton, we were able move quickly. I’m so excited to present out finding on Tuesday!!!!!