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This so awesome

Written By: Brian Tam - Aug• 02•13

Everyone should take a look at this video. It contains a lot of galactic occurrences that we would unfortunately miss out on.

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  1. Mitch Marks says:

    Yeah, that was really cool!

    I was impressed that they combined the main thread of picturing the future with the later idea of starlight being a view onto the past, of sorts.

  2. Ms Barge says:

    Very, very cool Brian. I am definitely using this in my astronomy class. I for one would like to see a supernova of a star close to earth.

  3. Julia Brazas says:

    I think I am glad I will not be around for some of this, but I look forward to the supernovae! Cool site, and yeah, I feel pretty insignificant right now. 🙂

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