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Questions on Questions on Questions

Written By: Anton Ulyanov - Jul• 24•13

Based on an initial data analysis of my small data sample, I hypothesized that the answer to my guiding question (Are all galaxies the same size?) is no. Tonight I’ll check this hypothesis against the full data set we collected as a group.
The most interesting thing about science, however, is that answering a question leads to even more questions. I now want to investigate the relationship between galaxy size and brightness. Thankfully, Professor York helped me account for the different distances between the galaxies so I can now directly graph brightness vs. size.
I’ll be looking forward to sharing my results with the class in the coming days.

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One Comment

  1. Ms Barge says:

    Questions lead to more questions. You’ll have to show me how you accounted for size. I am interested in your results.

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