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Harvey Moseley

Written By: Malek Sarhan - Jul• 19•13

Today we had the opportunity to speak with X-Ray specialist Harvey Moseley here are some facts from his lectures he enlightened us with.

• 5 years is average life of a telescope.
• That is not a lot of time so scientists need to find new ways to get data faster and make satellite as efficient as possible.
• One of those ways was using a micro shutter.
• Moseley quotes, “the best inventions are the ones that recover the best from those inevitable failures.”
• Took a lot of practice and I provision to perfect observing with a 12 inch telescope on an aircraft.
• It may even be a better alternative to use a hit air balloon because you can get up to 100,000 feet as opposed to 30,000 feet with an aircraft.
• KOA was a predecessor of SOFIA Which is a different aircraft with a telescope except that KOA’s telescope was .9 meters while SOFIA’s was 2.5 meters


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  1. Ms Barge says:

    There is a great documentary titled BLAST. It is about scientists who send up a balloon with a telescope from the Antarctic in 2006. It is really worth watching.

    • Julia Brazas says:

      Wow, Jackie! Independent of this comment I uploaded a link to the Blast! trailer. I thought of it, too, while listening to Harvey Moseley’s talk.

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