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Fun facts I learned today

Written By: Brian Tam - Jul• 23•13

Rods and cones can only detect visible light wavelengths


Is something is moving in a circle it is accelerating, even if it keeps a constant speed, because it is changing direction

Supernova shocks go as fast as several million times the speed of sound

These shock waves are natural particle accelerators that have much more potential than any human made practicle accelerator

Thirty years can waste your life


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One Comment

  1. Ms Barge says:

    Thirty years can lay the foundation for a new understanding of the universe. You my not get a Nobel prize or not many people may know your name, but you will have advanced the knowledge of the human race. So I don’t think of it as a waste, but rather as thirty years of staying the course, not giving up, being willing to work patiently.

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