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Written By: Tania Romero - Jul• 24•13

Today we were gathering data of our galaxy and looking closer to it .There was many interesting things while collecting data today .Tomorrow a college admission speaker is going to come tomorrow and I’m very excited. I got interested in science in just looking at the night sky and asking question why things occur. Then at school, I learned many things that explain why things happen.

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  1. Ms Barge says:

    What we some of the things you found interesting while you were looking at your data?

  2. Mitch Marks says:

    We’re expecting the representative(s) from The College at about 3:00 today (Thursday), during the second afternoon session. That will be back at KPTC (Kersten), our usual location — even though the 12:30 session will be at BSLC, the location we walked over to at the end of the day Wednesday.

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