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A New Beginning

Written By: Anton Ulyanov - Jul• 26•13

Today, I was looking forward to talk to Professor York about the graphs I created during the previous workday. And, coming up to him to talk about my data, I was absolutely positive that this would be my research question for the presentation. We spent about the first 45 seconds out of our half hour-long conversation discussing the data I collected. The rest went off in directions I haven’t previously considered at all.

The new things we talked about were even more exciting than what I had planned. From a simple data analysis question, the Professor and I began talking about how we can use redshift to determine the velocity of a galaxy, and how our newly created graphs reflected the nature of galaxy formation in the universe. I am very thankful for Professor York’s time, and for the opportunity he gave me to make my own conclusions rather than just feeding me information.

Now, I’m absolutely positive that this will be my new research topic. That is, until I have another chance to talk to Dr. York.

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  1. Ms. Barge says:

    Yes, until you talk with him again!!! Don’t you love it? It is so much fun thinking and talking about these things. I can’t wait to hear your presentation.

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