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A human’s life does not have a lot of 30 years

Written By: Brian Tam - Jul• 23•13

Great speech today! Mr. Vikram
I loved your speech today. It was well structured and, in my opinion, this was my favorite lecture.
There were a lot of facts that stimulated my curiosity today, and I will submit a separate post about them later.

However my main concern is when you said that some of these construction projects take as long as 30 years! Even worse a person could spend 30 years of his life building this object only for it explode or malfunction immediately after launched.

Chinese people have a saying:
Which translate to a question “how many 10 years do humans have in their lifespan?” which basically means “life is short, make the most out of it”.


Of course, If you do a project that you’ll dedicate 10 years of your life in, you should hope that it doesn’t just spontaneously combust in the end of it all. Yet some of these astrophysicist risk losing not 10, but 30 years of their lifetime dedicated to one project that could’ve be constructed in vain. That really takes nerves of steel, in my opinion.

Quote by David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas)
“What you did would’ve amounted to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean”
“Yet what is any Ocean, but a multitude of drops?”


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  1. Ms Barge says:

    Scientists with nerves of steel!! I like that.

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