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Last Day.

Though today is the last day, the things we learned during the program will stay with us for the years to come. The teachers presented their ideas for future classes and the students presented their questions. We leave with a brain filled with new knowledge. The program helped me and I hope it helped the […]

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Closing Words

This has been a great program and I am glad to have been apart if it and I will definitely look at the universe differently now. Thanks NASA/ UChicago!!!!!!

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What?! It’s been two and a half weeks already?!

Wow that went on fast. I’m gonna miss everyone! I’m gonna miss the wonderful teaches and scientists that set away their time to volunteer teaching us. I know we’re annoying at (most) times, and you could’ve used your time doing more investing things than tolerating us rascals. For that I am sincerely grateful. I, for […]

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The day is ending ! Boom boom

The best 2 weeks and a half been life changing. I see the universe in a different perception. I learned a lot and also met cool people . I would do this again because then I would ask question and I would understand more . Thanks for all the teachers for helping us and coming […]

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Dawn of the Final Day

I can’t believe that it has already been two weeks and a half weeks. Although my time here may not seem long, the experience of being at the University of Chicago has been great. It was always fun to come to the university to learn astronomy and how our universe works. I will truly miss […]

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The end :'(

I have learned so much from this experience during the past few weeks. I came into this program with very little knowledge of astronomy, and I feel that I have learned a great deal of valuable information that I believe will help me decide what to do later on in life. I had a great […]

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And So The Storm Has Blown Over

Looking back at these three weeks, first learning the basic building blocks of astronomy and even taking a journey back to freshman physics, and then frantically scrambling to create a coherent presentation showing the results of my research, I realize how much about astronomy I’ve learned. I’m very grateful to the University of Chicago for […]

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