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Archive for July 26th, 2013

The Trials of Making a Presentation

So far we have been having ups and downs when it came to working on our presentation. Our first major problem was figuring our which questions to use in our presentations. Then, we had to figure out show we will answer these questions using the data we found. One the bright side, we are close […]

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Covering Ground

Today we covered a lot of ground. we began our presentations on our questions. We need to ask a question about the universe and answer it using the tools from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Currently my question is finding a relation between red-shift (another way to find distance) and apparent magnitude (another way of […]

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Getting ready for Tuesday.

Today we are making our presentations for Tuesday. They will present a question and then they will try to answer it with the data we gathered from the website. During the making of our presentation, a new question popped in my head. Does the distance of the galaxy affect the size of it? I still […]

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A New Beginning

Today, I was looking forward to talk to Professor York about the graphs I created during the previous workday. And, coming up to him to talk about my data, I was absolutely positive that this would be my research question for the presentation. We spent about the first 45 seconds out of our half hour-long […]

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Blast! Movie Trailer

I love this documentary on building and launching a balloon-based instrument.  Caution: the movie contains a few bad words, but I believe these are removed from the trailer.

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