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Questions, Questions, Questions

Today we received talks given by two people. The first speaker is from the UChicago College Admissions and she was giving us tips on how to write a stellar college application while the second speaker was from UChicago College and was offering us a chance to take undergraduate classes at the university. It wasn’t until […]

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Graphing and fixing the data.

Today we were fixing our data on the galaxies. A question came up and we used the data to make a graph to get an answer. The question is “Do galaxies that are far away, look small but are bigger than the ones we see closer and look big but are small change the redshift […]

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Woah there! Christian and Maya!

What a pleasant surprise we had today! Today a speaker came in to talk to us about opportunities to take college level classes at the university of Chicago! That wasn’t the best part though. Take a look at a picture on the flier they handed to us: Woah there! Christian and Maya are on the […]

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Today we did a lot of things. We took data from the SDSS and we made tables and graphs comparing two different pieces of information. I compared two things one was the relation between Petro-rad or size to redshift and also magnitude or model mag to redshift.

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Great day :D :O :P

Today we were graphing data for our presentation on Tuesday so I expect to have interesting information to tell others. Admission speaker came in today and gave us important information about college and also how we can take college class here at the University Of Chicago . Plus it’s free so that awesome ! . […]

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Today I was on the SDSS website and I found a strangely huge quasar. The petroRad is 106.727, and the z is 1.123. I asked about it, and Mrs. Barge said that it is located about half the universe away from earth. I found another quasar that’s z:2.295, so it is even farther away from […]

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Unexpected Results

During the work time today, I was lucky to have Mr. Lyons sit with me to discuss my data. Similarly to my initial findings, plotting out the full data set showed that galaxy size does not affect brightness. That is,bigger galaxies are not necessarily brighter. There was, however, an unexpected result. We found that, on […]

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Student Presentations – Here’s the Plan

On Tuesday, July 30, we will all meet together for final presentations.  The morning session will be held in Kersten room 206.  After a catered lunch, we will relocate to Kersten room 105. Students will make 10-minute presentations about their research. Presentations can be created using Prezi app or other format and should include the following: […]

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