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Archive for July 24th, 2013

The Beauty of the Universe

As a response to Julia’s question, I got into astronomy at an early age. I was about eight at the time and while skimming through my science textbook, I was awed by the images of our universe. I never imagined that there would be objects like this in our night sky and because of that, […]

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Today we were gathering data of our galaxy and looking closer to it .There was many interesting things while collecting data today .Tomorrow a college admission speaker is going to come tomorrow and I’m very excited. I got interested in science in just looking at the night sky and asking question why things occur. Then […]

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Gathering more data.

Today we gathered more information for our data graph. That is all.

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Eyes can be deceiving

A galaxy could look red to the human eye but is actually red according to the spectrum show in the graphs and the u-r, the color could be blue! And vise versa! What we see can be deceiving! A blue galaxy and a red galaxy!

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Questions on Questions on Questions

Based on an initial data analysis of my small data sample, I hypothesized that the answer to my guiding question (Are all galaxies the same size?) is no. Tonight I’ll check this hypothesis against the full data set we collected as a group. The most interesting thing about science, however, is that answering a question […]

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THURSDAY new location

For the 12:30 session tomorrow (Thursday, July 25) we will be meeting not in the usual building KPTC, but instead in a computer lab in   Room 018 of BSLC (Biological Sciences Learning Center)   We will tell you more about the location and make this announcement, at today’s session (Wednesday).   Update!  The 12:30 session will […]

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