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Sticky: Blog on this: How did you get interested in science?

In many of the interviews we’ve conducted for the lessons, scientists we spoke with invoked Sputnik or the Apollo Program as watershed moments in their lives when they got turned on to science. ┬áIn recent years a few researchers have tried to determine whether this is also true for the Hubble Space Telescope, to no […]

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Fun facts I learned today

Rods and cones can only detect visible light wavelengths Is something is moving in a circle it is accelerating, even if it keeps a constant speed, because it is changing direction Supernova shocks go as fast as several million times the speed of sound These shock waves are natural particle accelerators that have much more […]

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Mr. Vikram

Today Mr. Vikram talked to us about X-ray astronomy as well as the some telescopes and history of X-ray astronomy.

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Today when I was recording data on galaxies I found some ‘Galaxy Starforming’ and some ‘galaxy starburst’ s.

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A human’s life does not have a lot of 30 years

Great speech today! Mr. Vikram I loved your speech today. It was well structured and, in my opinion, this was my favorite lecture. There were a lot of facts that stimulated my curiosity today, and I will submit a separate post about them later. However my main concern is when you said that some of […]

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Battle of the Apps!

Which app is more superior than the other? Find out now!

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Many many things out there

Today we learned a lot about X-ray astronomy from the university of Chicago from professor Vikram Dwarkadas. We learned about Chandra which is NASA’s X-ray telescope. Did you know it took about thirty years to make!!!! People don’t have many thirty years in their lives. But they knew it was for a better cause. Lets […]

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A Project To Last A Lifetime

Today, Vikram Dwarkadas gave us an entirely new perspective on the field of astronomy. In talking about the Chandra satellite telescope, he said the project took nearly 30 years to complete, from its conception in 1970 to the launch in July of 1999. This really put all of the work scientists do into perspective for […]

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