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A Brief Guide to Stumping A Teenager

Earlier today, the NASA All-Stars tried to build their own spectrometers. What could be easier? All they needed to do was punch some shapes out of cardboard and tape down some flaps. Basic stuff, right? Oh how wrong they were. Here are teenagers who know all the tips and tricks to an iPad. They were […]

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FINALLY: some arts and crafts

Wow, that was a weird day today! Take a look at the beautiful picture my spectroscope established! The spectroscope I created without WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE INSTRUCTIONS. I calibrated it by looking through the lens of the finished same and eyeballed roughly where the scale started and ended (boundaries) within the spectroscope Eventually I learned […]

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Spectroscope and more.

Today, Mr. Harvey Moseley talked to us about spoke to us about the James Webb Space Telescope. We also created a spectroscope which is really cool to look at light and see different colors.

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Check out what light really looks like!

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Harvey Moseley

Today we had the opportunity to speak with X-Ray specialist Harvey Moseley here are some facts from his lectures he enlightened us with. • 5 years is average life of a telescope. • That is not a lot of time so scientists need to find new ways to get data faster and make satellite as […]

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The correct apps to buy

Microsoft apps have been proven better then other apps. For example there have been previous posts about how other apps are better but the author gave no evidence. For example Notes: noteworthy is horrible compared to what you can do with one note for example after every letter you type it automatically saves to skydrive. […]

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Wave to Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft will be taking a picture of Earth through the rings of Saturn at 4:27 PM today.  Say cheese and smile between 4:27 and 4:42.   More information about this event is available on the NASA website: The First Interplanetary Photobomb  

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Lets App Battle!

Get Dropbox! Every other copycat sucks. Merriam-Webster is much better than dictinary.com Google drive Skype Notability (best app for notes) TI-nspire CAS (expensive, but best calculator) Pandora Pages GOOD GAMES Battleheart Walking dead (free) Nihilumbra Zombieville 2 Dumb ways to die (free) Bastion BAD GAMES dirty birds

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