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Christianity and Astronomy

My whole life I’ve been a Christian. And it always vexed me how science classes have Christianity as playing a major role in people’s obstinacy that the world was flat or that everything revolved around the earth. Today, through Don York’s explanation, I learned that somewhere along history the church was highly influenced by Greek […]

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On telescopes and Nick Woolf

As one of my peers has been subjugated to us the “3,2,1” system, I figured might as well use it. 3 things that I learned: – When using telescopes, heat plays and important part on the quality of images you receive. – The Stratoscope II telescope was an improvement over the Stratoscope I because it […]

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3, 2, 1 . . . Lift-off!

Reading Nick Woolf’s lesson “Rockets to the Moon”, one gets inspired by his scientific drive and desire to make things better. When asked to summarize this 12-page lesson in five bullet points and a question, I was appalled. I wanted to fight back. In fact, my first thought was to write this posts as a […]

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SDSS Telescope

Today I learned about the design of a telescope, and that the SDSS telescope is relatively small compared to others. This is a diagram that Don York drew on the board and I copied in my notes of the SDSS telescope. I also learned that the way the of determining distances away a galaxy are […]

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The “Not-So-Basic” Telescope

This morning we were treated to a talk about his work on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey by Professor Don York. Starting out easy, the professor explained how a basic telescope works. He then told us how the SDSS collected its data. Put simply, it was very different from a “basic” telescope. It was an […]

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Don York

Today we just had an inspiring lecture by the University of Chicago’s very own Don York he talked to us about Sloan Digital Sky Survey “SDSS” in which he was the founding director. That’s all for now ill keep you all posted – Malek

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Is our database connection broken?

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